Heidi EdmundsVisible Start Graduate

Heidi is an incredibly strong woman and a master of juggling many different roles on a daily basis.

It was a pleasure to spend time with Heidi. My first impression was her calm, friendly presence and the warm smile on her face, which made me feel comfortable and immediately put me at ease. Her excellent communication skills were evident throughout our chat. She demonstrates a genuine interest in what you’re saying and listens intently, naturally breaking down barriers and encouraging you to bond with her – time with Heidi flew by!

A nature lover, Heidi has made her family home in a great British rural area where she can take advantage of the beautiful landscape, going for walks with her dog, breathing in the fresh air and enjoying the stunning scenery.

Heidi is a busy mum to three young kids and her life choices demonstrate her commitment to family, ensuring she spends quality time with her children to create joyful moments together. She’s a passionate gardener and takes great pleasure in watching the growing plants and visiting birds.

I recognised Heidi to be an incredibly strong woman and a master of juggling many different roles on a daily basis. Her resilience in times of crisis is amazing. During lockdown, she remotely managed the disrupted family business — a ski school franchise in France — all while home schooling her kids. A great example of her determination and problem-solving abilities. Upon wrapping everything up with the franchise, Heidi started her ‘side-hustle’, small micro-business on Airbnb, alongside her ongoing consultancy work.

With experience in numerous industries, Heidi would be an asset to any business and prove herself to be invaluable in any role she chooses to take on. I’m so glad to have had the opportunity to meet her.

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