• Tu-Linh Ngo Visible Start Graduate

    Tu-linh worked with Speedo International to develop and lead a global campaign for the Olympics.

  • Diane Ludwig Visible Start Graduate

    Diane is passionate about learning, experienced in Photoshop and has a super creative flair for art.

  • Lucy Vowles Visible Start Graduate

    One of Lucy’s key achievements is rebuilding the brand reputation of Ugg via a new creative approach to storytelling.

  • Christine Jones Visible Start Graduate

    A comfortable leader who puts total faith in her team, Christine will train, promote and defend the people she hires.

  • Claire Ballard Visible Start Graduate

    Claire’s shots captured the beauty of the day so naturally, so effortlessly, they became the ones her friends put on their mantelpiece.

  • Andrea Harman Visible Start Graduate

    Andrea has lived enough to know what is that sparks joy and she is channeling that through her efforts to be a mentor.

  • Antonya Kloetgen Visible Start Graduate

    Antonya finds a lot of joy and satisfaction in building bridges; developing trust between parties with very different expectations.

  • Daisy Pashley Visible Start Graduate

    Daisy really wants to make a difference towards cultural diversity through community-led projects.

  • Debbi Francis Visible Start Graduate

    You get the sense that Debbi is one of life’s good people. She puts back into society, using her education to make life better.

  • Dina Son Visible Start Graduate

    Dina is fantastically optimistic and grew up with the saying ‘Live to see a better tomorrow’.

  • Anna Rooseveare Visible Start Graduate

    Honest and knowledgeable, Anna has spent a large part of her career leading people down life-changing paths.

  • Esra Spiby Visible Start Graduate

    Esra’s tenacious, empathetic spirit makes her an ideal mentor and guide. Not to mention a huge asset to everyone around her.

  • Eugy Lim Visible Start Graduate

    Having run two companies based around immigration and mentoring, Eugy has a fierce entrepreneurial spirit.

  • Heidi Edmunds Visible Start Graduate

    With experience in numerous industries, Heidi will be invaluable in any role she chooses to take on.

  • Isabel Appio Visible Start Graduate

    Isabel’s focus is championing and supporting self-led, marginalised and under-represented creatives.

  • Juline Sinclair Visible Start Graduate

    Juline is able to offer her clients the space to discuss difficult topics — clients who are “stuck” or uncertain.

  • Lorna Ive Visible Start Graduate

    Lorna has won two awards for her work: the Small Business Sunday award and the ‘WOW’ Women on Wednesday award.

  • Maureen Anderson Visible Start Graduate

    “Stand up for children. For what you believe in. If you see a a gap and you believe you can fill it, then go ahead – do something – don’t waste time waiting.”

  • Melissa Labram Visible Start Graduate

    For more than 9 years, Melissa’s small crew has happily worked remotely. “Women just get on with it.”

  • Paularene Lester Visible Start Graduate

    Paularene would say creativity and a natural marketing instinct is at her core.

  • Ruth Brown Visible Start Graduate

    New paths, new responsibilities, new roles… Ruth Brown is raring to go!

  • Verity Johnston Visible Start Graduate

    After 10 years of being freelance, the woman who lives for adventure is itching to get back into agency life.

  • Tina Bettison Visible Start Graduate

    Tina’s innate curiosity for life and people lead her to become a published author, writer, editor and broadcaster.

  • Sonia Cottam Visible Start Graduate

    A lively individual who refuses to accept the sort of jobs society has earmarked for her.

  • Sarah Browne Visible Start Graduate

    By 25 Sarah was already running her own Market Research Consultancy, supporting Microsoft, Yahoo, etc.

  • Sandra Scher Visible Start Graduate

    After a decade in the ad business, Sandra started a family and took on a teaching role in advertising at New York University.

  • Victoria Brooks Visible Start Graduate

    At 21, Victoria found herself presenting strategies to the board of Ford, foreshadowing her future success.

  • Vanessa Caribe Visible Start Graduate

    Vanessa can immediately get to the bare bones of an issue which gives both clarity and reassurance.

  • Deborah Harris Visible Start Graduate

    Debo is used to finding ways to ensure the systems that deliver services are genuinely robust and go beyond performative.

  • Dawn Neale Visible Start Graduate

    Repping some of the biggest names in the business, Dawn has 16 years of fashion leadership under her belt.

  • Denise Headley Visible Start Graduate

    An innovator for people with neurodivergent challenges, Denise made political history twice.

  • Ruby Blessing The original digital native

    Ruby wants us all to work together to create stuff. Stuff that will change the world.

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