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Training midlife women for real jobs in advertising


Registration is open to women aged 45+
for Visible Start 2025

Visible Start is the first step to a whole new career or the restart of your fabulous ad career.

Brought to you by Uninvisibility, Brixton Finishing School and WPP, it’s so much more than a training course, it’s a complete support system for women who are designing the second half of their lives. Visible Start is  a  sisterhood of brilliant women who are building a new narrative for the future of women and our careers.

No experience is necessary to take the course but all experience is valued, promoted and welcomed with open arms. There are real  jobs waiting from entry level to senior management in all areas of advertising from admin and HR  to sales, digital media and creative.

Free and works around your schedule

The 8 weeks of free online learning and events are designed to get you job ready, while easily fitting around your life. You will gain the fundamental knowledge and skills needed to start a career in advertising or update your skills and make the connections to return at the level you deserve.

Be part of a community

Our course is run on the Visible Society Platform, a safe and welcoming community of like-minded women who are here to support you. All of our courses and lectures are hosted by industry experts and we hold informal drop-in sessions so any questions can be answered and you will be personally supported throughout the whole course.

What you’ll learn

Our online course has been designed to develop all the relevant skills needed in order to boost your employability and understand how the modern advertising industry works and the roles within it. You’ll come away with the skills and knowledge to succeed in an industry full of opportunities.

  • Agency essentials
    Learn how the advertising landscape works and the different parts of the industry.
  • Transferable skills
    No previous experience needed. We train women from the best school of all – Life!
  • Confidence
    Build your confidence through live events and our mentorship programme.
  • Networking
    Network with your VisibleStart peers and industry experts.
  • Getting a job
    Learn practical skills and tools and how to stand out from the crowd.

Career readiness training

The free 8 week course has training modules and events that cover:

  • Transferable Skills
  • Brand Me
  • Confidence Building
  • Interviewing skills
  • CV construction
  • Life Coaching
  • Drop in sessions
  • Power hour lunches – midlife women in the industry share their journeys
  • Interviewing skills
  • CV construction
  • 1:1 mentoring
  • Speed Mentoring
  • Speed Interviewing

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This isn’t our first rodeo

We ran our first small pilot programme in 2021 and now 18 midlife women have new careers at WPP companies.

This is what they had to say about the course:

“I found the whole course, the people running it, and the women who studied on it to be inspiring and energising. It opened my eyes to the possibilities of work in fields that I hadn’t heard of and didn’t know existed. Every time a session finished I talked my partner’s ears off about what I’d heard and learned and how excited it made me feel to see the huge amounts of like-minded women who are still going for it and determined to lead interesting, exhilarating, and profitable lives – even if our knees hurt!”

“Being on this course really boosted my confidence! It gave me a point of reference. I now feel I am part of something big and amazing. Jane and Jacquie’s dedication and passion is so inspiring and supportive! And the whole team who shared their knowledge was just brilliant! I will start applying for jobs. Before the course I didn’t even think about that! That’s a big change). Thank you so much!!! ”

“I got a job offer at the end of the course as I was more equipped to attend job interviews, know my strengths and be confident.”

“The course was amazing; well thought and executed. It feels like a whole, rather than fractured bits stuck together. There is so much to love about it, starting from the continuous reminder emails with the dates and links, which were really appreciated, to the Visible Society page, where we are guaranteed to find a useful article or discuss thought provoking ideas. The presentations and the calibre of women speakers was also admirable.”

“Being a part of the VS course exceeded all expectations. So much information, sessions, content, connection, personal chat – on everything from making a presentation to the world of Programmatics. And all for free! Having spent over 30 years at the pioneering frontline of Diversity & Inclusion, “What’s your IG and how many followers do you have?” usually counts more than achievement, experience and passion. Jacquie, Jane, Mike and the VS Team have raised the value of midlife women in every way. This has been the first opportunity for me to share a welcoming, listening space with so many other midlife women and to hear about diverse talents, experiences and stories. I am keen to embrace the VS movement which is re-opening doors for us all to lead fulfilling and purposeful lives and to make change in wider society and the world. Count me in!”

“This course shouldn’t need to be revolutionary, but with society’s attitude to ‘women of a certain age’ it absolutely is!”

“I thought it would be impossible to find a job for myself at this age without qualification and higher education. This course helped me to realise it’s not true. This course gave me confidence, inspired me! I realised that I know a lot more than I thought. I have a lot more experience than I thought I would have. I just really had to stop, sit and think and write it all down. I absolutely loved this course and all the people who participated. I really need a holding hand to get a job and I feel that here within this community I will have the support.”

“The 8 week course offered a flexible weekly structure, compelling topics on professional development (think Personal Branding, How to Approach Difficult Conversations, Excel(!), Building Confidence, etc), an introduction to a vast network of people with WPP, and a connection with an accomplished, remarkable group of women.”

“I have learned so much, but more importantly, I have learned how much I already know! I lost a lot of confidence and feeling of purpose after being made redundant last year, but taking part in this course and finding so much belief and support here has massively changed my outlook for the better. I no longer feel let out to pasture… instead, I, along with all the other Mid-lifers are kicking open the proverbial gate!”

“Visible Start has helped me regain confidence in my skills and value my experience regardless of my age. I now believe that I still have a lot to offer to the workforce and I believe I’m even in a better place with all the experience I’ve accumulated over the years!”

We could fill ten more pages with testimonials just like these!

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